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Everybody Pilates – Exercise of the Month!!

Introducing The Hundred!

In the very first of our Exercise of the Month Specials we introduce you to The Hundred.

We start all Pilates Mat Classes with the Hundred. Its designed to get you warm – to wake up those muscles and set you up for the rest of your workout. Love...

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Try this delicious Energy Smoothie – Recipe by Becky from our Stourbridge Studio

Say hi to Becky from our Stourbrdge Studio – not only do we love her Pilates teaching we also love her recipes!!
Find out how we all have so much energy with this delicious energy smoothie.
Why not take a picture of your finished smoothie and tag us in it!!

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Stronger Bodies – Stronger Business – Stronger Together

So finally we did it!

Our first Franchise has opened its doors and we welcome Becky Thijm and Everybody Pilates Stourbridge to the family!

To say we were excited was an understatement – I have worked with Becky over the last few years watching her grow as a teacher and embrace the Everybody Pilates Ethos. It seemed a natural progression to have Becky join us at the...

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Everybody Pilates Teacher Feature – We Love Her – Its Kerry Courtnell !!!

We love her and you love her its Kerry Courtnell – Senior Instructor at Everybody Pilates

The Bio Bit ……………..

I started doing Pilates when I was at college every day from a DVD, I then went to university to study dance and continued (sort of?!) my Pilates practice as part of the fitness element in my...

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Celebrating Our Clients – The AMAZING Russ Bestley!

Everybody Pilates loves its clients and we LOVE celebrating them!

In the first of our blog posts celebrating our Pilates clients we introduce to you Russ Bestley!

The Bio Bit…………….

Russ Bestley was born in 1962 and has been actively involved in long distance running for most of his life. He works as a Reader in Graphic...

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The Power of Connecting

I have been very fortunate to meet Pilates Teachers and Friends from around the world. When i first started my studies with Jay Grimes (www.vintagepilates.com)...

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Well we have managed to survive January and February and finally the 1st of March has landed on our doorstep.

This is an exciting time of year as spring is just around the corner. The studio is springing into life with our NEW studio manager Becky and we will soon have another instructor to help us grow.

To keep us moving in March we have signed up to #MarchMatness – a...

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Practise, Practise, Practise!

What does your Pilates Practise mean to you?

Now most of our clients will know that ALL of our Everybody Pilates Teachers are slighty obsessed with Pilates. But what made us fall in love with it so much that we wanted to teach it?

Stage 1 of Pilates Development – oh Pilates is easy! Well i added Pilates into my gym routine initially. I was happy to get on the treadmill 5...

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Welcome to Everybody Pilates Blog – Exciting Times for 2015

Wow what can i say – welcome to our new look website and the start of another exciting year at Everybody Pilates.

I have so much to tell you all but thought it best to start from the beginning and create a small introduction to the studio.

The studio has now been open for over 5 years and began with just me (Amy) teaching. Over the past few years we have grown with our...

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